The audience Borgba ball 53 times

The audience Borgba ball 53 times, shot 2 times into a ball, pass 38 times, sent a key pass. Little Neville Comments: "He seems full of physical fitness, the state is very good, from the beginning to the end of the game are ready, this is what we have been hoping to see him from the season. 1 minute before the opening silence Daniel Mengden Jersey, Bo Guba ran to Manchester United fans, and they said thank you, to prove to them that they are with them, this is the most impressed me.My decision to resign is not related to the transfer strategy, the team's finances and the like. I just think it's a good decision for myself and for my family. I would also like to express my gratitude to those who have blessed me Ryon Healy Jersey. There is no doubt that I lost the chance to continue to lead the Premier League team, but I insist on my idea.Sturridge in the restricted area on the right corner of the ball after the ball into the restricted area, go past the other defender after the low shot broken net, Liverpool 1-0 Sydney FC. The first 10 minutes, Carragher after the field spread to the restricted area, was the other defender siege Raul Alcantara Jersey. The first 13 minutes, Stuart Ridge found the other goalkeeper station forward, choose lob shot, but the other goalkeeper will be. The first 15 minutes, the Red Army on the right attack Stephen Vogt Jersey, Philipo scored the ball after the sweep of the road Unfortunately, keep up with Stewart did not get the opportunity to shoot.

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