The second half

The second half, Borgba a accurate pass, the insurance to help Felleney into the first three goals, then then Lin Garde scored the ball into the restricted area, and Sanchez collided after fell to the ground, but the referee Sike Mina mercy, And penalty kick Jed Lowrie Jersey, Mourinho is very dissatisfied. Manchester United name Savage said: "Borgba fell to the ground a bit too light, but the two sides have physical contact, I think this is a penalty.I am not too old now, the body is also healthy enough to support me to do what I can do Catfish Hunter Jersey, such as travel, and my family, more importantly, my grandchildren, spend more time together, I Temporarily want to live without the pressure of football coach for some time. I think it is time to leave the right time, I do not want to take over another club, I would like to enjoy the next as the Premiership coach can not experience the fun of life.The first stand on the European Cup final stage, the first three times on the European Cup three finalists, Manchester United finally this respect trophy into the arms. This is the Red Devils won the third season of the season, is also the first time in the history of the European Cup champion Henderson Alvarez Jersey, with the Premiership, FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield, the European Super Cup, Toyota Cup and World Club Cup, the Red Devils have been To all can get the championship. At this point, they also become the fifth European football to complete the "Grand Slam" of the team Mark Canha Jersey.

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