If the transfer fee is only half of 89 million

If the transfer fee is only half of 89 million, everyone will say, 'This is a great deal for the pen' because he did play better. But everyone wants Bogba to show the performance that is commensurate with the high transfer fee and give him a lot of pressure Daniel Coulombe Jersey, which is unfair to Bogba.Borgba has also become the third in the 21st century in the continental finals of the French players Jed Lowrie Jersey, the first one since the 2002 Champions League final into the world wave to help Real Madrid Cup Zidane, followed by last year's European Cup final Defeat Liverpool goal of the center of Sevilla Gamero. 15 years ago, Zu Zu left volley into the sky outside the fairy Joey Wendle Jersey, is the Champions League finals in the history of one of the most exciting goals, Borgba this ball is certainly less than the predecessors wonderful, but the outcome of the same decisive, Zizu will score from 1 -1 rewrite to 2-1 lead, Manchester United midfielder is to help the team head start, eventually won the team history of the first European Cup champion. Only to take this foot to Manchester United a European war trophy and Champions League next season, the right to join, Manchester United took out the price transfer fee will be worth, not to mention the Champions League on behalf of a year at the end of tens of millions of income.Before the start of the game, the two sides of the players for the bombings in Manchester John Axford Jersey, the victims of the victims of silence for a minute. The first 2 minutes, Philipino restricted area on the left biography, Steven Gerrard in the restricted area outflanking, but his hit the door is higher than the goal. 6 minutes, Sydney won the right corner of the opportunity, corner kick to the point, was Liverpool defender out of the restricted area.

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